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My Story

Meet Nacya Marreiro: a multi-talented comedian, actress, and writer currently making waves in the entertainment industry. 


Born and raised in the South of Portugal, Nacya first discovered her love for stand-up comedy while traveling around the world as a flight attendant, and hasn't stopped ever since. 


She has performed her stand-up comedy on stages all around the world, including NYC's The Stand and Grisly Pear Comedy, Austin Texas' Creek and the Cave and Vulcan, and LA's Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, Bourbon Room, and Haha Comedy Club.


She's also created her own comedy show, "The Riff," which has attracted high-profile guests like Joe Rogan, TJ Miller,Big Jay, Tiffany Haddish as well as her own comedy cooking show called "Mouth Full."


Nacya's diverse skillset has led to some exciting projects, including her first comedy special on Youtube in 2021, and her lead role in the comedy movie "Moving Valentine," which was released on Amazon Prime in September 2022. She was also the lead “Rita” in the awarded indie short film “Down Way to Mexico”.


She now performs on stages at America's most famous venues and is working on several movies and TV projects.


With her diverse talents and naturally funny personality, Nacya is a rising star to watch.

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